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Fire Ant Control
Here are some interesting ideas for fire ant control in the back yard:
From Dale Barnard:
I had billions of fire ants throughout a compost pile and tried all the liquids mentioned, from boiling more
05/12/2014 0
Mesquite Pod Harvesting Kirsten Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) trees often get a bad reputation because of their thorns. 
They are very useful trees, with high-protein, edible pods that can be made into flour for more
09/1/2013 0
Homemade Mosquito (or Fly) Catcher Kirsten Found this on facebook..

Modern technology has brought us many benefits, including mosquito traps that cost hundreds of dollars, but sometimes we overlook simple solutions to difficult more
08/11/2013 0
Automating Your Poultry Coop (De Rerum Automatica) Kirsten Kibi78704's (Kirsten's) Preface:
Treadle Feeders:  Last year, when I started raising chickens, I saw this article on how to build a treadle chicken feeder, like the one advertised at more
08/11/2013 0
Chicken Vets
Here are some recommendations from the austin poultry list for Avian Vets so you can take your chickens in for help.  Thanks to Carla for this.
My local vet in San Marcos is not an avian vet, but more
08/9/2013 0
Organic Gardening Rules Kirsten By Tom Harris, Ph.D.The Hill Country Gardener
Malcolm Beck is a San Antonio organic gardening guru who is known all over the country. Over the last 50+ years he has developed six basic rules more
08/4/2013 0
Nine tips for chemical-free home weed control Kirsten By Travis W. Gannon, Ph.D., and Fred H. Yelverton, Ph.DWeed Science Society of America
If you're taking a chemical-free approach to home weed control, you've most likely discovered it can be a more
08/4/2013 0
Selling Backyard Eggs (not at a Farmer's Market) - Rules, Regulations, Licenses, etc. Kirsten I sent three emails to various agencies asking for clarification on selling eggs. Here's the reply from the one agency who had a substantive reply. Please note that I edited his email address at more 07/25/2013 1
Possible to raise chickens without feed? Kirsten BTW - My chickens have been living on H&H Non-Soy Layer feed for a few months now. They love it.  Because the protein supplements have been semi-pelletized, there is less waste than when I more 07/25/2013 0
Top 9 plants you can't kill in Texas Kirsten
Birds & Blooms — America's # 1 Bird & Garden Magazine — has compiled a list of the top nine plants for Texas that are not only tough as nails, but pretty, too! So turn your black thumb more
07/25/2013 0