Iduma Bird & Small Animal Auction


Auction begins at 11:00am
  1362 Briggs Road, Killeen, Texas 76549 
Check in time starts at 7:00am



Backyard Food Production DVD and website

Check out Marjory Wildcraft's cool website and video.  This is a howto video for producing food and managing water and security in Texas.  It is a great source of information for $25.  Check out a bit more info on my blog


Click here to order it directly from Backyard Food Production.


I just got to see Marjory Wildcraft's great DVD on Food Production.  What a fascinating collection of information.  These folks really are serious about what it takes to get food production in our region of the world.  Texas is not the most forgiving place in the world to grow veggies and raise your backyard critters but Marjory sure shows you how. 

This is a treat.  Marjory shows you the ways to integrate animals into your food system with lots of good details about chickens and rabbits and tons of info about how to amend sandy or clay soil types.

Austin Code for Animal Enclosures

Thanks to Paige Hill of Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms for this

Loads of people ask me about rules related to how many animals (usually chickens) are allowed, and what the pen/location requirements are for the City of Austin.



Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart

An Alphabetical List of More than 60 Chicken Breeds With Comparative Information.  Chart includes origins, behaviors, weight etc.


Build a chicken tractor for your yard so you can direct the efforts of your chickens.  It keeps them safe and you can get them to clean up areas of weeds or other vegetation by positioning the chicken tractor.

What's a Chicken Tractor?


The girls have decided that since it's been really chilly, they would rather sleep in their laying boxes. This is in awfully bad taste as the eggs sometimes end up with poop on them. Yucko! So they found a nice little spot in the backyard where they now lay their eggs. Nice and clean and in a protected little spot. Wonderful. It is also closer to the house and behind a little screened area. I'll post a pic one of these days. I got 19 eggs the other day. Of course I had been sick for a week so there was no egg collecting.


Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab for chicken necropsy

Some folks have sent their dead chickens to this lab where they will
study their cause of death. You can even call them and chat with an
avian specialist to get more info. Ship them in an ice chest packed
with ice using next day delivery. Do not freeze the body. Just refrigerate them until you ship. Check shipping rates verses gas to drive to the lab.



Rhizome Collective
Designing a more sane model for urban living focused on localized self sufficiency. Center for community organizing. Check it out.


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