Recently I suspected I had a problem in my mysql databases on my webserver, so I ran the following command:

mysqlcheck -u root -p'put-your-database-password-here' --all-databases

I got a neat list of databases and tables and messages saying some tables are OK and some not. Notice that I cleverly replaced my database root password with the phrase put-your-database-password-here, so you should replace that with your password if you want to try this.  BTW it seems you can ignore the warnings about client using or not closing tables.

Well I am once again reminded at how useful Terabyte's Image for Windows is.  I upgraded my main computers hard drive and using Image for Windows, I installed the new drive and copied Windows to it, pulled out the old one and voila.  What a nice reliable piece of software. I wish all software were this good.  Love it!  Can't recommend it enough. Buy it and they'll send me $5 woo woo!

I downloaded a Air Penguin from to my android tablet the other day which Noah my 4-year old played with and I suddenly got some emails thanking me for buying from GAMEVIL USA and letting me know that this in-app purchase cannot be refunded.The amount? $49. What a rip off. Several more emails arrived for a total of $55. Is that game evil or what?


I went to the website to create a new petition (Isn't that cool?) to put a stop to Genetically Modified Foods and found someone had already beaten me to it.  There is already one there which is encouraging labelling of foods containing GMO organisms.  at so please go sign it.



One of the most powerful aspects of Drupal is the CCK contributed module(s).  It has undergone an interesting history from its roots in the flexinode module to it's current incarnation in the form of Fields which is now part of Drupal 7 core.  The functionality is simple but incredibly powerful.  Fields lets you add fields (just as you might in any relational database) to Drupal which can hold data.  So if you need to add a field to store the price of product you are reviewing on your Drupal site, Fields lets you do that.  Further, you can then display that information along with the produc

I really like what Jamie Alexander is doing about food especially in the school system.  I signed the petition.



There is this super cool add-on that lets you create apps for your desktop. It is called Webrunner (from Salsita Software) It is a replacement for an app I loved dearly called Prism.  I use it with a app for my to-do list, a google calendar app, a google docs app.  I even tried a gmail app but I prefer Thunderbird.  Check out how to do it at

I found this cool website today when looking at the Austin Recycling website for a place that recycles old oil.  You see I wisely changed the oil in my motorcycle a while ago and it has been sitting in some bottles waiting for a new home.  So this site lets you search for a location to get rid of oil.  It is pretty neat.  You can type in a term like "oil" and a list pops down with terms like "agriculture used oil", "aluminium foil" and "contaminated soil" as well as cooking oil and "used motor oil." Then you put your


This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.  This video clip shows designers who have invented a new road surface with embedded solar panels, leds etc which can collect and store energy, have communications conduits to connect homes and offices, can detect a pedestrian in the roadway and notify oncoming traffic and lots more.  The road surface is glass!  What a way to use glass.

check it out at



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