Yesterday morning was the Drip Irrigation Demonstration at Linda and Kurtis Colonna's lovely home in Manchaca. The plan was to install two irrigation systems, one at what I am calling the "Tropical Hook," and the other at the swale and berm they built at the corner of the yard where the driveway meets the street, which I'm calling the "Angle Berm".

Recently, I remarked on Facebook that I needed to thin down my flock of (then) 28 Ameraucanas because the cost of chicken feed was encroaching into the human feed budget. My friend Lorien Hoover sent me a link for Fermented Feed:

Recently, one of my clients let their subscription to AVG anti-virus lapse and all 8 computers on their network were complaining about the subscription having expired.  I purchased a new license key and went about putting it into the AVG's that were running. Strangely, the field for the license number was grayed out so I couldn't paste it in. 

Hi All,

We had a great organizational meeting this past Saturday, after the work part of our day, at Posse East in Austin, Texas. 

Our objectives for meeting were to, 1) make sure we keep up our gardens after they are installed, 2) create work teams and team leaders for upcoming permablitzes, 3) plan the August permablitz, and 4) visit Kealing Middle School and begin the design process for the September permablitz.

Hi All,

There are just a few things that offer me peace of mind when it comes to being able to accept my own mortality, things like trusting in the creative pattern of the universe, or watching Joseph Campbell's video series, "The Power of Myth," or building gardens and houses that will continue to function for decades after I'm gone, OR like today listening to Pink Floyd's song, "Time," and "Great Gig in the Sky" on my way home from work.

I was mourning the fact that I wasn't in Portland for the Drupalcon and then I found this. 



I'm so pleased. Rock on Drupal!


If you check Drupal 7 module updates and you get messages indicating no available releases found for modules that you know are legitimate.  It usually looks something like this.  The URL is ../admin/reports/updates  There is a quick fix:

What a great utility Drush is.  If you don't know, it is a command-line utility for use to do all sorts of amazing things to a Drupal system.  You can easily make a quick database backup with the following command:

drush sql-dump >dbdump.sql

On Drupal 7 sites I always spend time in the content view.  That is the one at admin/content.  I usually install the views bulk operation module so I get these cool new views that I can easily tweak.  What a pleasure!  Recently I was on a site that had the administration views module installed.  This replaces the default views for content and comment (and more.)  Unfortunately the link for editing the view that is so handy is turned off.  This


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